Business Protection


that keeps you in business

What is business protection?

Most businesses today make sure their assets are covered against the effects of fire, theft or any unforeseen event. What about key employees - should it not be second nature for your clients to protect this asset as well? Many businesses often cite people as their most valuable asset although they do not consider their financial value.

And protection for key employees is just one area of business protection. Your clients may also want to consider protection for shareholders, partners or members. Without this type of cover there is always the potential for serious problems to arise in the business, for example, a deceased's family wanting to become involved in the business and therefore control being lost.

There is also protection for business loans, which can be taken out to help ensure repayment of a business loan in the event of death or critical illness.

Scottish Provident offers four main types of cover: key person protection, shareholder protection, partnership protection and loan protection. We also offer relevant life policies and various trust solutions.